Money Laundering Policy

Wise Markets Money Laundering Policy

Money laundering makes money from illegal practices or other money-worthy tools into money or invests in which it seems legal. Local and global laws that apply to companies where users can deposit and withdraw money from their accounts. Wise Markets strictly follows the conditions of anti-terrorism financing policy against anti-money laundering activities and requests the company employees to fully meet these standards. For this reason, the Firm takes all necessary measures to find and oppose money laundering and terrorist financing. The internal rules are observed in accordance with the relevant global necessary conditions.Wise Markets money laundering procedures Transactions Performed Wise Markets’s anti-money laundering procedures are aimed at ensuring that users in certain applications are identified within a reasonable standard, while minimizing the burden of compliance and impact on legitimate users.

Wise Markets is committed to supporting governments in financing terrorist activities worldwide and fighting money laundering. For this reason, Wise Markets has developed a highly effective cutting-edge electronic system. Thanks to this system, customer identification data is documented and verified, detailed records of all transactions are tracked and kept.Wise Markets carefully monitors suspicious and important transaction transactions and reports such activities to law enforcement agencies that "provide timely and comprehensive information". In order to protect the structure of reporting systems and protect businesses, the legal framework provides legal protection services to such information providers. In order to minimize the risks to money laundering and the risks to finance terrorist activities, Wise Markets never takes cash deposits or makes cash payments.

Wise Markets reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction at any stage that money transfer thinks is related to money laundering or criminal practices. Wise Markets users are prohibited from reporting suspicious activity notifications. Identification and verification of customers To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering laws, Wise Markets requires two kinds of documents to verify the identity of the customer. The first document we requested is the document that is officially issued and identifies the document with the user photo on it. A government-issued passport, driver's license (for countries where the driver's license is considered to be the primary identity document) or local identity card may also be valid. The second document we requested is an invoice with the investor's personal address and the correct address published no later than 3 months ago. An invoice, summary of the bank account, a statement or another document with the address and name of the investor from a globally recognized institution are also valid. To make changes to the phone number associated with the Investor Profile, firm investors must have a document confirming that they have a current phone number (a mobile operator agreement) and a photo of the identity next to the user's face. The user's individual information will be the same in both documents. Company users are required to send their current identity and contact information on time as soon as the change is made. Documents in non-western mails must be translated into English by the official translator; The translation must be stamped and signed by the translator and sent with a clear picture of the customer, along with the original document.

Payment Policy: Deposits and Withdrawals Please note that refunds on Skrill payment method and debit cards are not legal. Money will be sent to your wallet for 3 business days in order to be able to withdraw money from a trading account with one of these methods. If money is lost while processing the transaction, a refund cannot be made using the refund method. We recommend that you read the risk explanations before starting trading.Wise Markets requires that all accounts with the name of the user who signed out come from their own name that matches the name of the user in our records. Payments from third parties are not accepted. In the name of withdrawals, withdrawals can be made from the same account and in the same manner. In the name of withdrawals with the recipient's name, the name must match exactly the name of the user in our records. If the deposit payment has been made via bank transfer, funds can only be withdrawn to the same bank and the same account of origin by wire transfer. If the deposit has been made using the electronic money transfer method, the funds can only be withdrawn using the same system and the electronic money transfer method on the account it originated from. The Firm accepts deposits in the following currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, AED, RUB, INR, MYR, IDR, BRL, ARS. Withdrawals must be carried out only in the currency used to deposit funds in order to carry out AML, TRY procedures. If you have any problems, please contact us via email