Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


* The account you will open with the authorized brokerage firm and all transactions to be carried out through this account will be carried out on the Meta Trader 5 platform and will be recorded.

* Leveraged assets and derivative vehicle trading transactions are risky. Due to the leverage effect, it should always be considered that the possibility of trading with low collateral can work in favor of the market as well as against it, and in this sense, the leverage effect may cause you high gains as well as high losses. As a result of the reverse price movements, you may lose all the money you have invested in the broker. Therefore, allocate only the portion of your savings that you can afford to lose. Do not credit the promises of high returns.

* Leveraged asset trading transactions and derivative transactions such as futures contracts, stock market options, CFDs, non-stock exchange options and forward transactions carry a high degree of risk. The initial margin amount may be small compared to the contract value of the relevant derivative transaction; transactions are thus “leveraged”. Therefore, a relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit. This situation can work against you as well as against you. Due to the resulting price movements, you can completely lose the initial collateral amounts and the collaterals you have in your account to protect your position or more.

* Authorized institutions may be making improvements in the employee personal rights based on the amount of transaction collateral deposited in the accounts of the customers they are responsible for, the increase in these collateral amounts and similar criteria. Therefore, there may be a conflict of interest between the employee of the Investment Firm and the customer. The Client should always consider this conflict of interest in their communication with the Investment Organization employees.

* In leveraged asset and derivative vehicle purchase and sale transactions, you have to have an initial collateral to constitute the collateral of each position you have opened or will want to open. The initial and continuing collateral will be applied within the rates specified in the framework agreement with the Intermediary Institution, and if you fall below the continuation collateral, the Intermediary Institution is authorized to close the positions in the account.

* The information that the intermediary institution will convey to you regarding the transactions you will make and the recommendations it will make should be taken into consideration by you, which may be incomplete and in need of verification.

* It should be taken into consideration that the technical and basic analysis to be carried out by brokerage house personnel regarding leveraged assets and derivative vehicle purchase and sale transactions may differ from person to person and that the predictions made in these analyzes are unlikely to be realized.

* The order you have given for leveraged assets and derivative vehicle transactions may be canceled or the price at which the order will take place if the position taken by the Intermediary Institution with respect to that order for protection purposes by another party is canceled or the price changes.

* In transactions made in non-TL terms, it should be known that there is a foreign currency risk in addition to the above-mentioned risks, there may be a depreciation in terms of Turkish Lira due to currency fluctuations, states may limit foreign capital and trading movements, may impose additional and / or new taxes, and transactions may not take place on time.

* Parity prices and “spreads” offered to you in leveraged asset and derivative vehicle trading transactions may not reflect the best price situation. It is a good idea to check the prices of other institutions.

* You need to take into account that you cannot be guaranteed by the brokerage firm as a result of leveraged assets and derivative vehicle purchase and sale transactions, that your loss will be kept under control or that a call for additional guarantees will be made in case of loss.

* Before starting the transactions, you should get confirmation from your authorized institution about all the commission and other treatment fees that you will be liable for. If the fees are not expressed in monetary terms, you should request a written statement with clear examples of how they will be reflected on you.

* Stop Loss orders (Conditional buy, conditional sale or stop loss) may take place at a price against the INVESTOR instead of the limit price set by the INVESTOR on the electronic trading platform. It should be taken into consideration that such orders may take place at the moment when there is a significant flow of news and data at the market opening and also at the current market price in spreads and / or price gaps that may occur due to the decrease in liquidity.

* Your transactions that are open when the markets are closed on Friday evening may open you with a negative value due to sudden price changes when the market is re-opened on Sunday.

* In cases where the spread between the purchase and sale prices is opened, it should be known that even if you have taken the reverse position of the positions open in your portfolio, the collateral you have deposited may be inadequate and your positions may be liquidated (closed by the System) by coming to the stop out level. Open positions cannot be closed through reverse trading as applied in other markets. Taking a reverse position normally helps you temporarily postpone the need to complete collateral. However, this should not be seen as a permanent remedy for the sustainability of your transactions.

* Iphone, ipad, android etc. It is your responsibility to check whether these transactions are reflected on the Electronic trading platform, taking into account that there may be a connection problem in transactions performed through mobile trading platforms and other electronic trading platforms.

* The orders transmitted on the electronic trading platform may not be realized at the prices demanded due to the sharp price movements that may occur in the market, especially during the periods when the liquidity is low in the market, during the opening and closing hours of the markets, on the days and hours when the domestic / foreign markets are holidays, when there is significant news and data flow in the markets or It should be known that there may be changes in transaction prices due to volatility that may occur when an extraordinary development occurs during the day, and this change may be in your benefit or loss.

* Wise Markets. Even if the account holder has the information without permission, the access of the secondary parties to the account is inappropriate, and the transactions and the transactions he / she makes will be deemed invalid and these transactions will be accepted as unfair trade. Similarly, these conditions apply if they provide access to the account from two different IP addresses. * Leveraged assets and derivatives are not suitable for all investors. Do not believe the advertisements and promises of high returns of people and institutions that claim that they earn a lot of money from these transactions and that you can also win.

* When price movements in the market develop against the position you have taken, your account can be determined as the “risky account” by the Exchange where the derivative instrument is traded. In this case, passive order entry may not be possible.

* You can find detailed information about all fees, expenses, spreads and commissions amounts and / or rates regarding leveraged asset derivative vehicle purchase and sale transactions at Wise Markets.Wise Markets. Under no circumstances does it accept physical cash from the Customer. Collaterals to be sent by the customer will be accepted via EFT, money order or remittance via bank. Therefore, the Client cannot give cash by hand to third parties to be credited to staff or third parties.

* Wise Markets.; reserves the right to change leverage rates

* Wise Markets.; reserves the right to change the swap rates.

* Wise Markets. Anyone who creates an account is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.